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You’ve Been Making Coffee Wrong All Your Life

written by Protima Tiwary April 3, 2017

Turns out we’ve been making coffee all wrong.

All of us agree that there is nothing better than a cup of coffee, especially on a Monday morning. Without that morning cuppa, we know how we function in a perpetual Zombie mode, and that is NOT a good feeling. Yes, coffee is love. Coffee is life.

BUT! Turns out you’ve been making this beloved brew all wrong! Read on for details-

  1. You should never use tap water.  Tap water is full of chemicals that changes the taste of your coffee. Just get a filter and start filtering the water before you use it for coffee, okay?
  2. Don’t use boiling water. If the water is too hot, the coffee beans tend to burn. The ideal temperature should be around 96C, which means just before it starts boiling.
  3. Do not store your beans in the freezer. This causes them to dry out. Instead, keep the beans in a dark, cool, air-tight container.
  4. Ditch ground beans and opt for whole beans instead. If your coffee is bitter, the granules are too small. If your coffee is too flat, it’s been ground too coarsely.
  5. Don’t grind your beans in one big batch. This makes it lose its taste.  Instead, grind coffee immediately before making it.

Happy drinking!


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