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You’ll never guess how this blind date ended.

written by Radhika Sharma June 7, 2017

Oh modern dating, you are full of twists and turns, aren’t you?

Recently in a show called First Dates in the UK in which peeps are set up on blind dates, one of them went horribly wrong. Fred the man was poised for romance and this happened to him:

As other happy daters created lasting bonds, viewers cringed as one date crashed and burned at the hands of a brutally honest man. Rob, a 28-year-old bar landlord who aspires to be ‘respectful and well mannered’ proved during his date with Grieg that he is anything but respectful and well mannered.

This man returned to deliver his final blow- he thought he was genuine but not attractive, and that he wanted to leave and not even finish the date- OH SNAP! His date was visibly shocked but remained man enough and paid his half of the bill for dinner. He said that he should have atleast not been a dick about it, finished the date and atleast buy dessert!

Now that’s some way to end the small talk and be real! Can you handle this if it ever happened to you? Is honesty really the best policy?

Featured image courtesy: Warner Bros. Television Productions UK


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