Home Technology The world’s first smartwatch for the blind is here.

The world’s first smartwatch for the blind is here.

written by Radhika Sharma February 27, 2017

South Korean developer Dot has truly done the incredible. The world’s first smart braille watch for the blind just debuted and it is so goddamn beautiful. It can help peeps read messages on the screen. It displays messages using 4 active dynamic Braille cells, and its users can select the speed at which the characters update. It connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth and can sync with any of the fancy apps out there. It is capable of sending simple messages with the buttons on its side and it betting on our friendly developer world to build awesome apps for it.

This watch has been a dream for 3 years and became a reality thanks for some crowd funding courtesy 140,000 backers. The first 100,000 pieces will arrive in March and the rest next year. Prices start at $320 ( approx).

Just look at that beauty, sit back and admire the technological revolution.

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