Home News You won’t believe what this woman wants to do in the UK!

You won’t believe what this woman wants to do in the UK!

written by Radhika Sharma May 17, 2017

 Meet Sharon Perkins. She is 51 years old. Notice something about her? Am sure your eyes are going straight to her —-FACE. Hey! Where were you looking?

Anyhoo- putting you out of your misery, here’s the story! This glamour model holds the record for the biggest front assets in Britain at a whopping size of 32 MM. But here’s the clincher- SHE WANTS TO MAKE THEM EVEN BIGGER.

Sharon Perkins splashed her entire divorce settlement on the massive implants, and now wants to inflate them to an outrageously impractical 32W in a bid to keep her crown. She is a mother of three, a grandma and has developed an addiction to cosmetic surgery.

She thinks Pamela Anderson is great and wants to look even bigger.  She is now looking for a surgeon to “perk” her up!

She calls her assets her “BEST FRIENDS”.

The world’s biggest natural pair of front assets belong to American woman Annie Hawkins-Turner who is a 48V and has a 3.5ft cleavage!

Damn, this woman is just — PERKING IT UP!


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