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This woman remembers every day of her life.

written by Radhika Sharma April 26, 2017

Do you remember your first day at school? Or your first bite of Pizza? Your very first birthday? 99% of the world doesn’t. But Rebecca Sharrock is one of 80 people in the world who remember every single day of their life like it was just yesterday.

It’s courtesy a condition called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM), which stops people from forgetting literally anything.  “My parents carried me to the driver’s seat of the car (my father’s idea) and placed me down upon it for a photo,” she wrote in a recent blog post. “As a newborn child I was curious as to what the seat cover and steering wheel above me were. Though at that age I hadn’t yet developed the ability to want to get up and explore what such curious objects could be.”

She discusses her entire condition in this video here:

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