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This Woman Gave Birth To Her Daughter 42,000ft In The Air

written by Protima Tiwary April 10, 2017

Delivering a baby is not an easy task, and if you’re made to push out a baby from you thousands of feet in the air, you’re probably not going to enjoy it one bit. Nafi Diaby will tell you why.


28 weeks pregnant Nafi had no idea that she would need to deliver her child immediately when she boarded her Turkish Airlines flight TK538 from Conarky. Thankully, the crew of the aircraft was there to save the day.


According to a statement from the airlines, Nafi started to have contractions when they were cruising along 42000 feet in the air. Not too ideal a situation for someone who needs to deliver, no? We’re getting the goosebumps already!

The airline crew noticed that she was in pain, and as they got the message across the flight, passenger stepped in to help Nafi deliver her child. Aaaaaand! A baby girl was born 🙂

Staff and passengers, equally chuffed.

The baby girl is called Kadiju, and she’s perfect! Both baby and mother were taken to a hospital in Burkina Faso’s capital, Ouagadougou. The airline tells us that both mother and baby are exhausted, but in great health. Woohoo!

Oh guess what? Little Kadiju gets a “born on international waters” on her birth certificate. How cute is that?!

Way to go, everyone.
We’re so glad to know that both the mother and baby are doing fine. A huge shoutout to the crew and passengers who managed this delivery so well. Nafi is extremely lucky to have been on this flight.
Images- Mashable 

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