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Wanna date this girl? Here’s her 22 point checklist.

written by Radhika Sharma May 12, 2017

This is absolutely true folks. I am not making up a single word of it. Guys , take out your pens and note away!

A lingerie model  Jade Ainsworth, who appeared in a show titled ” First Dates” revealed what her ultimate man would be like. And being that ain’t easy. SHE HAS A 22 POINT CHECKLIST. Yup, if you don’t meet those requirements, you’d better hit the road Jack. Don’t you come back no more.

Ironically, two of the demands were ‘no relationship rules or restrictions’ and ‘someone not controlling’. Another was ” someone with low sex drive”.

Looking forward to a day working with my @shopmatalan gang 😊

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The qualified accountant who works seven days a week explained that she doesn’t have ‘time to be messing around’. Why does she wants someone with low drive? SO HE WON’T CHEAT.

The full list was: no snorers, no pensioners, no midgets, no one unemployed, no one with a wife or girlfriend, no minors, someone with banter, someone that can socialise, someone who can drive properly, no relationship rules or restrictions, someone not controlling, easygoing, doesn’t live with their parents, no baggage, someone who can drink, no smokers, no steroids, no tattoos, low sex drive, no one miserable, no one with a psycho ex, no one who’s tight.

Men out there, are you listening?



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