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This video of two buses racing is terrifying!

written by Radhika Sharma May 2, 2017

They say racing is in our blood. Get behind the wheel of a car and our foot instantly hits the gas pedal as soon as we see an open road eh? We all have done it, guilty as charged. But this is how road accidents happen. And losing your loved ones to them, is where racing gets the best of everyone.


But these guys in Tamil Nadu don’t give a crap about themselves or their passengers. In this video, 2 buses with passengers are racing like nobody’s business from Pollachi to Coimbatore and IT LOOKS SCARY>

The video, captured by motorists chasing the two buses, left many hearts pounding. It’s clear from the video that both the buses violated all safety measures and neglected driving etiquettes.

Why are they racing? To get to their destination on time despite their passengers having their bejeezus scared out of them! As of now, the licenses of both the drivers have been suspended in Tamil Nadu’s Coimbatore.

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