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Unicorn Makeup Is Now A Legit Thing

written by Protima Tiwary April 3, 2017

We love that the unicorn colour trend is taking over the internet, but we do think that these trends tend to get a little strange at times. Well, it’s time now to move over from unicorn food since magical unicorn colours are here to take over the make up world next. No kidding! These magical unicorn eyeliners are now a legit thing!

All right, this one is a gorgeous trend. We love the colours and the grace that it adds to the face. Plus the spiral designs and colourful rainbow makeup is a great break from the now traditional cat eye and winged eyeliner make-up trend.  Though it looks like trying to perfect this trend is going to take some time. By all means go ahead, this one is too gorgeous an opportunity to be missed!

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Looks like unicorns are the official mascot of 2017, eh?


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