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Is The Undertaker Is Set To Fight Again?

written by Protima Tiwary April 11, 2017

All of us went through an emotional time as we realised we’d never be seeing The Undertaker fight again. When he retired in WrestleMania 33 last week, and left his coat, hat and gloves in the center of the ring, we all shed a tear or two. ┬áThere was sadness all over the world. The Undertaker himself shared an emotional moment behind the scenes with Jim Ross.

Now now now, if you thought that it was the end to the Undertaker’s era, we’re here with some good news. A former WWE writer believes that the legend will have one last fight before he calls it a day.


But! It won’t happen till the 52 year old doesn’t undergo his scheduled hip surgery. That’s okay, his patient fans will learn to wait.

That’s okay, we’re not complaining. Especially since it means that we will get to see the legend once again.






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