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Ube Desserts Are The Latest International Food Trend

written by Protima Tiwary March 27, 2017

We’re loving the fact that colored food is trending. It’s always a nice feeling to look down at your plate and find it bursting with some delicious color, isn’t it? The latest trend to join this list is the purple ube dessert trend. Allow us to explain.

Ube is a root vegetable that is traced back to the Filipino cuisine, and is extremely rare to find. It has a vibrant purple color, looks like a sweet potato and has a gentle, sweet flavour, something like a mix between vanilla and pistachio.

Since it is difficult to find, it is sold in 3 different forms – as a jam, as a coloring agent and as a dehydrated powder.

Fun fact : The ube hashtag has more than 1,68,000 posts on Instagram.

All images have been sourced from Pinterest. 

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