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The Trailer For Spider-Man: Homecoming Is Out & We Are Curious

written by Protima Tiwary March 29, 2017

The Spider-Man : Homecoming trailer is out and the internet is burning with questions.

This trailer shows a lot….and leaves us with SO MANY QUESTIONS! Did we just see Tony Stark? Is Spider-Man finally an Avenger? There’s so much we’ve learnt about our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, but there’s so much more that we want to know! Fans are going crazy with new theories and questions.

It's probably a bad idea for a teenager to ask Tony Stark for advice, but here we are.

Oh wait, there is Captain America too!


Even dumb boring educational videos are cooler in the MCU.
Also, we love his vacuum sealed suit. He also owns a drone bug! AND an exploding web shooter disc. AND a hologram watch. What are the other gadgets that cool Spidey owns now?
Oh wait, what are the weapons that the bad guys own? That would be fun to know!
Also, it looks like Spidey is quite the internet sensation, and seems to be popular with New York. That’s good to know.
Even Staten Island isn't safe from supervillain destruction – that's the ferry right there.

We can get our answers once the movie is out, and till then let’s just sit back to wait and watch.


Image Source : Mashable 

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