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Is This The End Of The Great Golf Player Tiger Woods?

written by Dimple Zala June 13, 2017

The Downfall Of The Great Golf Player Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, a name that described the spirit of a sportsman, who brought a revolution in the game of golf, the one who proved golf is just not a game.
He is the biggest golf player, a player that was hard to be remade.
Tiger Woods has a lot of records, Awards, applauds and benchmarks on his name, he started, he rose and he became the greatest just to fell down and deep at the end.

His game made him rise like a Sun while the controversies surrounding his personap life created a negative effect which made him fall slowly and deeply. Addiction of drugs, the downfall in the game, issues with the wife brought it all on a worst level.

According to the reports suggested that he has joined the rehab centre to be out of his drug addiction but the recent news showcases some different side. He had the deadly combination of Vicodin and Madax and that’s a deadly combination.

Things for Tiger Woods are just getting worst and worst, but will this mark the end of the great golf player Tiger Woods?

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