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This Teen Took His 93-Year-Old Grandma to Prom

written by Protima Tiwary April 6, 2017

A promise a school kid made to his grandmother last year was fulfilled earlier this week because kids like this exist.

Last year, Connor Campbell promised his 93 year old grandmother, Jane Keene, that he would take her to prom in 2017. Like the perfect grand child that he is, he kept his promise and took her to prom with him! Over the weekend Connor was seen entering his prom at Middleton Place Plantation in Summerville, South Carolina, and having a great time with his grandmother. They looked absolutely adorable together, and were even seen wearing colour coordinated outfits in pale pink!

Connor said he definitely had a night to remember as he saw his grandmother, decked in a pink dress, jacket and wearing a corsage of roses, have a great time. Connor wore a tux to the prom with a pink tie to coordinate his outfit with his date.

Jane, his date, was extremely thrilled to be a part of this moment. In fact she even got her hair, make up and nails done for prom! The cuteness doesn’t end here though- the couple seemed to enjoy every bot of their night as hey clicked themselves at the photo booth and rocked the dance floor with their moves.

While Jane has expressed joy and excitement at this event, she wants her grandson to now find a real girlfriend. Hahaha, totally an adorable, typical thing only a grandmother could say.

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