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Teen Recreates ‘La La Land’ Opening Number & Asks Emma Stone To Prom

written by Protima Tiwary April 6, 2017

Ever thought of taking your celebrity crush to prom? This teen did. And though he couldn’t get Emma Stone to come with him to prom, he surely won our hearts.

17-year-old Jacob Staudenmaier decided that he wanted Emma Stone as his prom date. What he did next will blow your mind. He re-created the opening number of La La Land and set out to win Emma Stone’s heart. The fact that he looks like a young Ryan Gosling could not have made this more perfect.


He shot the music video over two hours at his school, and this video took him 2 weeks to plan. He wanted to go big at prom, which is why he thought of this idea to win the heart of his favorite actress. Another teen at Jacob’s school had done a similar thing 3 years ago where he had asked Miley Cyrus to go with him to the prom. Though that obviously did not happen, Cyrus did invite him on stage during one of her concerts. This must have given Jacob some hope.

Jacob executed the rendition of The Valley of the Sun flawlessly, and we don’t know about Emma, but he surely has our heart. His prom is on 29th April 2017, and we hope Emma Stone is listening. It’s not every day that a celebrity such as Emma Stone can go back to high school and experience the joy of prom night once again, isn’t it?



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