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Would You Stay In This Pink Mansion?

written by Protima Tiwary April 5, 2017

Pink is taking over the internet. Don’t believe us? Wait till you check out this AirBnB which is covered in the color-

Millennial pink is a legit colour on the internet, and people are enjoying their moments with this popular colour. But it seems this AirBnB plans on keeping this trend alive for  along time.

This pink beauty is called the Eaton House Studio, and is a  bedroom mansion located in Essex. Pink interiors decked in shiny gold accents makes this a dream for all pink lovers, and looks straight out of a fairy tale. And guess what? We bet this would be a hit on Instagram too.

 If you like minimalist, clean designs, this one’s not for you. But if you love glitter, floral prints and drama, this is the perfect fit.
You can rent out the Eaton House Studio on Airbnb for the modest sum of $2,321 a night. This mansion can host 30 people at one time.
You’ve had a look at the pictures- would you consider staying in this?
Images have been sourced from Cosmopolitan.

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