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Scientists say that cockroaches are stronger than magnets. #YUCK

written by Radhika Sharma February 21, 2017

Let me just say right at the top of this post, I HATE COCKROACHES. Am sure most of you do too!

But scientists have a reason to like them. Why? A study claims that the biomagnetic characteristics of American Cockroaches made them a 100 times stronger than a fridge magnet post their death.

Pic Courtesy: orkin.com

The study was conducted by killing several bugs by freezing them with nitrogen and they stayed “magnetised” over 48 hours. They also found that the living roaches lost their chumbak power in 50 minutes!

Yup. They actually did a serious scientific study to arrive at this conclusion. We wonder if it was a bar-room bet!

“Our work fills the gap between behavioural experiments on insects in magnetic fields and characterisation of magnetic materials in their bodies,” claimed the team of researchers, comprising of Ling-Jun Kong, Herbert Crepaz, Agnieszka Górecka, Aleksandra Urbanek, Rainer Dumke, and Tomasz Paterek, according to their research paper submitted to Arxiv

Excuse me while I go throw up. *Runs to the bathroom*

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