Home Comedy This resignation later by a grandma is savage.

This resignation later by a grandma is savage.

written by Radhika Sharma May 12, 2017

I can think of many ways to resign and tell my boss what I ACTUALLY think of him.

Spit on his desk and his food.

Screw up his Netflix playlist.

Order a dozen pizzas and make him pay.

Delete all his phone contacts.

But none of them would come close to what this Grandma did. She wrote a letter to her boss at her cleaning job which was plain savage. her granddaughter Kaityln put it up on Twitter.

The grammar ain’t very good but you get the gist. The job is crap and she can’t wait.She is the original gangsta. That sign off topped it- YEEHA! Wonder who’s the next mug they hired.

That’s how Iamma gonna exit every room now- Yeeha folks! See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!



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