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This Red Panda Freaking Out Is So Relatable

written by Protima Tiwary April 13, 2017

You know those moments when you are so overwhelmed with what life has to throw at you that you end up over-reacting to every single thing that happens to you? We feel you. Also, it’s absolutely normal.  And hey, it’s not only us humans who go through all this overwhelming drama. You need to watch this red panda absolutely freak out about…what is it that he’s freaking out about? An insect? The rock?

But life goes on, after all. The rain stops. The train will eventually come. At some point, I will learn to wear different socks with those shoe

It’s clear that he’s seen something on the rock, probably something new that he has not encountered before this. We won’t deny it, he’s such a cutie! Look at those paws! Plus people all over the internet have made this go viral because each and every single one of them can relate to how this red panda is reacting to a tiny obstacle. You see, when life throws a surprise at us (which is almost every other moment) this is how we end up reacting. *sigh*

But life goes on. The surprise is something we get used to, we learn to live with a change till the new change comes along. There comes a point when even surprises don’t surprise us anymore. Similarly, this red panda will soon get used to whatever it is that he’s freaking out about.

Such is life.

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