Home Entertainment The Oscars just had the most #EPIC #GOOFUP #EVER.

The Oscars just had the most #EPIC #GOOFUP #EVER.

written by Radhika Sharma February 27, 2017

It was the last award of the night. The crowd eagerly awaiting the winner in the “Best Picture” category. Emma Stone lookin so smooth as hella ever.

Veterans Warren Beaty and Faye Dunaway come up on stage, do a little gig and announce – La La Land as Best Picture! The crowd is on its feet, the whole crew is on stage!

But in the most epic goofup ever, all is not so La La in this land! The best movie is actually “Moonlight” and the hosts sorta screwed up. Pulled a massive Steve Harvey. Check this out.

Remember Steve Harvey? Here’s a little refresher.

The directors of La La Land handled it with swag though and were all praises for the “Moonlight” crew. I mean- after all, they are on LIVE TV !


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