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Oreo Has 2 New Flavours & You’re Gonna Love Them Both

written by Protima Tiwary April 7, 2017

Lovers of Oreo cookies, we come with good news! Oreo is set to launch 2 new flavours that is going to make the internet go absolutely cray.

All of you know about Oreo releasing the cookies and cream filling, isn’t it? Yes, Oreo is coming out with an oreo flavoured version. But guess what? Apart from this, there are TWO more new flavours that Oreo has in mind, and you will find them in your local stores this summer. The new flavours are, wait for it, coconut and salted caramel sandwich!


This looks like a leaked mock, so we aren’t too sure if this is what it is. From what we can guess, the salted caramel will look like a blonde cookie while the coconut one could be sandwiched between chocolate crisps. This leak has not been confirmed by the brand, so we’re just guessing. But our eyes are on Oreo, we need the full scoop!

We’re so excited! Oreo just made our summers so much better. We for sure cannot wait to get our hands on these at the departmental store.


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