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OMG! This guy buried himself alive on purpose.

written by Radhika Sharma March 3, 2017

Sounds like something straight out of a horror film doesn’t it? F**k yes and its terrifying to even think about!

But the reason behind this adorable old man burying himself alive is more good than bad. It is actually pretty incredible. John from Belfast is a former addict and is doing this act as a charity event for Walking Free, for promoting support for those with addiction and raising awareness against suicide.

He decided to bury himself in a coffin, got dumped in a grave for 3 days.


This Guy Agreed To Be Buried Alive For An Amazing Reason 484 giphyamaploq89

His coffin is fully hi tech though- he has an iPad for entertainment, electricity and entertainment. He aims to live stream his experiences from the confines of the coffin.

All images courtesy: Belfast Live.

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