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Newsflash! Women think about other people in bed!

written by Radhika Sharma June 12, 2017

Men- this is hardcore. You have been warned. Your girlfriend could be thinking about someone else while lying in bed with you. Science has proved it.

A survey conducted by sex toy company Lovehoney says that almost 50% of women think about other people in bed. But not any Hollywood types, it might just be someone you know. Yeah. You heard that right.

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Nearly 20% of them think about their immediate bosses and guess what- some actually fulfil this fantasy! Some even fantasise about their exes and think about them quite often in and out of bed.

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Hey its not like the men don’t do it , but the percentage is much lower. Their imagination doesn’t run as wild as the women, contrary to popular belief. What’s interesting is the fact that a majority of the men and women find nothing wrong with fantasising so long as the fantasies are not acted upon.

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Actually – this fantasy proves great for a couple’s social and sex life! Just as long as you don’t tell your partner who you are fantasising about! Men- now you know, an extra smile or a hot move in bed- chances are, it isn’t you!

That’s gotta hurt.


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