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Is The New Call Of Duty Going Back To WWII?

written by Protima Tiwary March 27, 2017

Time to get down to business and shoot down those Nazis again.

Confused about what we’re talking about? We’re talking about the game Call of Duty of course! The annual Call of Duty hasn’t been announced yet, but there are rumors in the market (duh) Seems like the game will return to an old favorite setting- a backdrop of the second World War. This is the same military conflict at the time of the first 3 Call of Duty games, and 2008’s World at War.

These rumors have surfaced from an Imgur page, and fans all over the internet cannot stop discussing what to expect. Here’s the link that everyone is talking about :

What do you think? Remember, all this is just a rumor, the official announcement is yet to be made.


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