Home Comedy This man’s best friend is giving us strong #friendshipgoals!

This man’s best friend is giving us strong #friendshipgoals!

written by Radhika Sharma May 8, 2017

We used to have this saying in school- there is one ship which will never sink in the sea, its FRIENDSHIP. Super cheesy I know, but bear with me, this is setting up context for the video. Also there is a reason why dogs are man’s best friends , because no matter what you do, they got your back when the world be going cray cray.

In a dazzling example of friendship, this man and his dog are at peace and are literally scratching either- not necessarily their backs. The dog responds so beautifully, that it really begs the question- do dogs understand our language? Anyhoo- come on, and make your cold heart feel warm with this vid.

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