Home Entertainment This Man Got A Bill Of Rs. 149Cr For His Cab Ride

This Man Got A Bill Of Rs. 149Cr For His Cab Ride

written by Protima Tiwary April 5, 2017

Billing is always a tedious task, and errors are made every second. Errors usually make us angry, but when was the last time an error was so ridiculous that it made you laugh? Yeah well, here is a case of a hilarious error caused due to a technical glitch.

If sources are to be believed, a technical glitch in the billing system in Ola Cabs resulted in an error. The customer was over charged for his ride. A ride of 300mt costed him Rs. 149 crore. Yes, you read that right. Crore.

Ola Cabs deducted Rs. 127 for the ride from the wallet, and refunded this amount within 2 hours.

This incident ironically happened on 1 April. While everyone thought it was an April Fool’s prank, it really wasn’t too funny for the customer at first. Check out this screenshot to believe it –

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Not quite the prank you would want to be subjected to, no?

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