Home News This man has been eating leaves and wood for 25 years!

This man has been eating leaves and wood for 25 years!

written by Radhika Sharma April 24, 2017

Talk about being a primate , yo!

A man in Pakistan is the real life version of The Encino Man and has fed on fresh leaves and wood for over 2 decades. He has mysteriously never fallen ill. Mehmood Butt is 50 years old and hails from Gujranwala district in Punjab province. His reason for this animal behaviour? He couldn’t afford a basic meal when he was young and resorted to eating ghaas phoos.

Pic courtesy: YouTube

“There was too much poverty in my family. Everything was beyond limit and it was very difficult for me to get a meal, so I thought it is better to eat wood rather than begging on a street.Eating wood and leaves has become my habit now,” Butt says to The News International.

The strange part is that after he did get a job and could afford regular meals, he still kept eating them leaves ! He has never been to the doctor!

Talk about healthy living, this is kicking it out of the park! Check this video out.

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