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This magician’s trick went awfully wrong on live tv!

written by Radhika Sharma May 30, 2017

Magic is super fascinating, but only if its done right. And when it fails on Live TV, damn that shiz be embarrassing.

On the famous show Britain’s Got Talent, Magician Matt Edward’s appearance did get off to a good start, and then went from bad to worse. So first things first, Matt told presenter Eamonn Holmes to pick from a pack of superhero cards, then Matt accidentally dropped a card on the floor. Umm, was that supposed to be part of the trick?

When the host Eamonn finally did choose a card, he wasn’t supposed to show it to anyone- but it was visible anyway! Am sure Matt could see the card from miles away!

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Image courtesy: ITV

Now the part of the trick is that Matt likes to guess the card by carving the superhero on the lollipop! He gives it a cape, sucks it and then asks for features of the superhero he is supposed to guess. Co-star Charlotte proceeds to try to explain Batman’s features to Matt – failing dismally to do so. And then in the end it turned out fine- as the lollipop indeed looked like Batman. But was that because he saw the card right at the start? Look at the video and decide for yourselves!

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