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The internet aint gonna body shame this girl!

written by Radhika Sharma May 31, 2017

The internet can be pretty brutal when it comes to beauty of the mind, the body or the soul. Trolls who sit behind the comfort of their computers and shame others! Well- that is the perfect time to rise above the occasion and kick them in their internet nuts!

Sara Petty put up an inspirational post on her Instagram about loving your own body and unfortunately got trolled by idiots.


She saw a lot of tweets directed towards woman over 200 pounds and the clothes they shouldn’t wear. Sara took that to heart and decided to give the trolls a run for their money instead. She wore all that was on the “no” list according to the body shamers and posted everything on the web! She got dressed in leggings, crop tops, booty shorts and even bikinis!

image courtesy: TWITTER.COM

She captioned her pictures ” Girls: Wear whatever the hell you want.” and guess what- it got over 103k retweets and thousands of messages of support! Shows the power of positive thinking! We definitely more positive people like her in this world of haters!

View image on TwitterView image on TwitterDamn, she does look FINE in that bikinis and is a total babe! #BabeAlert

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