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The Hottest City In Australia Just Had It’s Coldest Day

written by Protima Tiwary April 12, 2017

Darwin, Australia’s hottest capital city is pretty clear when it comes to it’s climate- it’s either wet, or dry. None of that colourful breezy spring or orange hued autumn jazz with Darwin, nope. Well, that’s great. But the wet can get REALLY wet, and the dry can get REALLY dry. And to make matters worse, the city has just had it’s coldest day and people cannot get over it.

Darwin is usually at a 85 degree Fahrenheit, so a sudden drop to 66 deg Fahrenheit came as a huge shock to all the residents. So much so that they even took to Twitter to pray for them!

People just won’t stop talking about it! Yeah, they’re totally losing their chill.

The chilly temperature is thanks to the cool. dry south-east winds. Poor people of Darwin, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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