Home Entertainment This gym conducts sleeping classes for adults!

This gym conducts sleeping classes for adults!

written by Radhika Sharma April 29, 2017

Our life and the daily hustle bustle takes the energy out the millennials , don’t it? So much so, that stress and fatigue are a common epidemic now.

But here is an exercise that takes the cake. A gym in the UK has started a concept called NAPPING CLASSES.

Yup, its a class where adults come together for 45 mins to sleep with a room full of strangers. A bed, a covering bedsheet and an eye patch are provided alongwith 15 mins of stretching. The funny part is that they still call it “going to the gym”. 

The peeps have already given it a name, “Napcercise” and according to them the class will help people to reinvigorate the mind, will improve their moods, and even burn the odd calorie.

Why can’t this be done in the comfort of your own house? WHO PAYS TO SLEEP? This is just beyond me!

Need any more information- watch the video below and hit snooze.


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