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This guy took the ultimate revenge on his wife!

written by Radhika Sharma May 15, 2017

There is no way you can be prepared for your spouse cheating on you. Marriage vows are broken and your first instinct is to go full HULK on the man first and beat the hell out of him. There are many ways to plot your revenge- show up at his house, his work or better still- humiliate him at a public place. But what about the other side of the equation- YOUR WIFE? She isn’t really the “doodh ka dhoola hua ” types is she? Pati vrata my a**!

But this story is one of those, which all of us can learn from. THIS IS THE KIND OF REVENGE THAT WILL GO DOWN IN HISTORY. Meet our awesome guy.

Our man knew that the biwi was upto no good. But was it just in his head? At dinner, she would constantly smile while texting on her phone. Who was she chatting with? When he asked her- she would coyly say, “I am chatting with my mommy!”.  Later he also found out that she was spending way too much time in the office. After some enquiry with the co-workers, he realised she was a total liar.

He decided that would wait for her birthday to get to the real evidence. He was going to fake trip with his friends pretending to leave her alone with her girlfriends to celebrate. The trap had been set.


Image courtesy: Elle Disrict

But little did she know, that he was actually planning a surprise party for her with all her friends and family! Her mother even made a cake! Everyone hushed down, went upstairs to the bedroom  and waited to yell “surpise!”. The door slowly unlocked.

SURPRISE! The lights came on and BANG BANG BANG! Everyone was shocked to find the wife and her lover in bed- BUTT NAKED! The family was so shocked that the mother dropped the cake! ( What a waste of good cake!). The wife was humiliated and the husband- he got the last laugh and more.


Featured Image courtesy: Huffington Post

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