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Grilled Cheese Doughnuts Are A Thing

written by Protima Tiwary March 22, 2017

There’s great news for those who live for cheese and doughnuts. What if we told you there was a way to eat loads of grilled cheese and doughnuts together? Yeah, they’re available in the deadly, most heavenly combination in the form of grilled cheese doughnuts!

*cue applause*

These beauties are available at Clinton Hall in New York City, and are a result of a collaboration between Clinton Hall and Doughnut Project.  These grilled cheese doughnuts are prepared by slicing a doughnut in half, and loading them with mozzarella cheese.  We’re leaving you with some pictures which might as well be #NSFW

Here’s something we can finally depend on for curing those hangovers, or for satisfying those cravings on cheat days…or any day in general.


Images are sourced from Instagram. 

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