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The Glow In The Dark Make-Up Trend Is Rad

written by Protima Tiwary April 14, 2017

Remember the Lite Brite hair trend? Let us jog your memories a little bit. Lite Brite hair involved colouring your hair in pastels and vivid neon colours which made the hair glow when you placed it in black light. Inspired by this trend, we now have a glow-in-the-dark makeup trend that is all set to take over social media by storm.

Watch makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor create a shine-free, budge proof base (with primer, foundation and powder) and add on some electric blue liner, waterproof mascara and a bright lip colour. Now for the fun stuff. He layered backlight-activated makeup over this look, and boom! You’re a glow in the dark queen! It sounds like a whole lot of fun! Check out the video right here-

Crazy gorgeous, isn’t it? We’d love to see this happen, this is an innovative trend that we approve of, aye!

Would you try this sometime soon?

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