Home Comedy This girl made an interesting dating PPT about herself!

This girl made an interesting dating PPT about herself!

written by Radhika Sharma April 19, 2017


You know you are in love, when you want to get your crush’s attention right up there, and you’ll go to any lengths!
India mein to romeos would write letters in blood, send flowers or basically be super desperate in the most weird ways.

But the millennial world begs for a different kind of attention. New age, high tech and immediate. Enter the PPT world.

Well, one particular person took things to the next level and made a legit PowerPoint presentation for her crush stating reasons why he should date her.

Meet Lizzy Fenton who has made such a detailed presentation that she estimates her boob growth too! Say what ? Just look at the number of slides!

But alas, all of this wasn’t enough for her crush. He basically gave her a big fat brush off, on twitter. UGHS.

But all is not lost, guess who she impressed? Someone tall, dark and handsome and with way more cash, MICROSOFT! The company replied to her in the most awesome way.

Dang girl, you got some skills! New age impression jamana to issise sikho baccho!

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