Home Comedy This girl got asked for nudes and her response was just plan #fierce.

This girl got asked for nudes and her response was just plan #fierce.

written by Radhika Sharma May 25, 2017

Ummm- we have all been there. Since the birth of mankind or the more recent Tinder app, nudes are the social currency. Sending each other nudes is the only form of communication no? And somewhere down the line, you will find yourselves on the opposite end of a creep’s messages – who will obviously be asking for your nude pictures!

This woman though- IS A FREAKING #BOSS. She found herself in this situation and came up with a response that was so bloody brilliant, awards needs to be named after her. History will remember her as the greatest woman that ever lived. Sweet Par ( that’s her name!) hails from New Zealand’s cellphone was blowing up with a guy asking pics of her “without all that unnecessary clothing on”. BLYCK. #vomit. Obvio that she wasn’t quite feeling like it, but instead of telling him off, she decided to have some fun with him instead.

The girl genius sent him a pic of a “loading ” symbol and  he still hadn’t figured it out hours later! This is one for the legends. Check out all the pics she posted on Twitter.



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