Home News This footage of a fire in a plane will give you chills.

This footage of a fire in a plane will give you chills.

written by Radhika Sharma April 21, 2017

This shiz is real folks.

A domestic flight in Nigeria flying from Port Harcourt to Lagos had its engine catch fire and the footage was captured on a cell phone. Passengers were screaming, weeping- it was freaking horrifying!

20 mins into the flight and the main cabin was clouded in smoke. A passenger Oriakwu Okwesilieze captured the entire fiasco and posted it on twitter.

I escaped death. I’m still shaky, this experience is one I can’t forget easily. Over 30 minutes we were chanting prayers as our flight was filled with smoke.

Aero flight went up in flames…one of the blades was burning. Twenty minutes after take off, the flight started smoking. For 35 minutes we were chanting prayers, screaming, panicking….like we just took off and I’m about to die? Nah! God can’t let this happen. The smoke was so thick we couldn’t see, the blades were sparking.

Pilot said we should calm down but something was burning, smelling and the smoke got thicker, the alarms went off but he said to calm down?

He said anyone that can’t breathe should use a wet handkerchief. Ha! All I could think about was my family. Hell no I’m not dying today.

Okwesilieze said passengers were angry, explaining, ‘Everyone is shouting sue sue but I’m just grateful to be alive and on ground. Funny thing is no apology or explanation was given to anyone.’

Passenger Films Terrifying Moment Plane Fills With Smoke As Engine Catches Fire oraku

Post all the checks though, the airline stated that everything was in order during the pre flight checks and the alarm sounded off because some one was smoking in the toilet!



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