Home Entertainment Ever wanted to fly on a bike? Meet the Hoverbike.

Ever wanted to fly on a bike? Meet the Hoverbike.

written by Radhika Sharma February 23, 2017

Ever wanted to fly like superman? I know it’s everyone’s dream. But one company is making a small version of that dream- a reality. Meet the Scorpion-3, the world’s first hoverbike, because hover boards are SO LAST SEASON!

First impressions? It looks like a bike is fitted on top of a quadcopter! The Scorpion-3 is designed to resemble a compact dirt bike, can reach upto 30 miles per hour and fly upto a height of 33 feet.

Developed by a company in San Francisco called Hover Surf, this platform is a  unique electric-powered vessel combining a motorcycle seat with quadcopter drone technology bringing speed agility and stability of flight to the hands of amateur and professional navigators. Currently, it’s being looked as a sports instrument.

Check out the video and be amazed. I WANT THIS NOW. TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY.

 All images: HoverSurf/YouTube

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