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Darling ko diamonds pasand hai!

written by Radhika Sharma March 7, 2017

This is one kimti darling!

Well, this lady is a phone called “Darling” which as REAL diamonds in it. Yup, yup- not on the finger, on the freaking phone!

Protruly Darling smartphone with 360 degree camera n diamonds

Manufactured by a company called ProTruly’s eye- it’s s smartphone which has a strip of real bling along its body. And another redeeming feature- it also has a 360 degree camera! Imagine the pics from that #yolo! The Darling Extreme is its second variant with a gold colored body, leather and four diamonds on the front.

ProTruly Darling

The Darling Android smartphones sport a 5.5-inch 1080p Full HD display, runs on a MediaTek SoC (no Qualcomm?!), 4GB of RAM, and 64GB of internal storage. It comes with 3,560 mAh battery, which is respectable, nothing great for the price. There’s a USB Type-C port for charging and also a fingerprint sensor on the back for security on the Darling smartphone.

It’s keemti at about $1,300 for the bling model! So bacho? Kya baby ko darling pasand hai?

All images courtesy: ProTruly eye


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