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The cure for pain relief- BEERRRRR!

written by Radhika Sharma May 2, 2017

We all love popping our favorite Crocin for the slightest bit of pain or illness. We eat it like chakna, don’t we? Doctors strictly insist that paracetamols and alcohol should not be mixed together. But what if you could leave the pills out of your life completely?

A medical study says that two pints of beer in a day is a more effective method to relieve pain rather than our humble Crocins of the world.


Alcoholic drinks with 0.8% produce a small elevation of pain threshold and and a moderate to a large reduction in pain intensity ratings, researches say. The logic is simply laid on the fact that it lowers the sensation of pain and that it calms us down, lowering the perception of pain.

“We have found strong evidence that alcohol is an effective painkiller,” Dr Trevor Thompson, who headed the study at London’s Greenwich University, told The Sun.

There we go, all we needed is that logic to drink more BEERRRR! 

Cheers, Hic!

Featured image courtesy: http://texasbeerbus.com/

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