Home Comedy This child was so happy to get himself locked in a car!

This child was so happy to get himself locked in a car!

written by Radhika Sharma May 2, 2017

This baby is a total boss. 14 month old Brandon Emery accidentally locked himself in his mother’s car. You would imagine that a kid his age would be scared and probably crying right? Nope, not this kid.

He was grinning and laughing while fire fighters were trying to rescue him! Brandon Emery was lapping up all the attention when the emergency services were called to the Lidl carpark in Cornwall. His mum was unloading the groceries in the boot and this boy locked himself in!

Image Courtesy: SWNS

Holding on to the steering wheel, he was having the time of his life! He was apparently trying to stand up in the vegetable trolley , so his mum decided to put him in the back seat of the car.

Child Got Himself Locked In Car And Couldnt Have Been Happier About It car2Mum accidentally locked the keys in the boot and Brandon hit the central lock, thereby locking himself in! Luckily it wasn’t a sunny day and the kid kept his cool!


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