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You can’t guess what this guy did in public!

written by Radhika Sharma June 2, 2017

Yeah- HE DID THAT. The one sound we all have within our bodies, but the minute it comes out, the most embarrassed version of us shows its true face.

Imagine this- you are in an elevator with a large crowd. Its a small space. Everything is calm. And then suddenly out of nowhere, you hear a ripping sound followed by an intense smell ! Everyone is too scared to acknowledge it and the culprit roams free. While a wave of red faces sweep the elevator, you know that the one noise is what has destroyed the peace.

Yes, boys and girls- I am talking about FARTING. And this video does it in style.

A prank video is which a dude is not only farting rather loudly at people’s faces, but making an effort to seriously put some life into it. At one point in the video- he actually leaps like the fart gave him thrust to get off the ground! The result- folks with the biggest surprised faces and an awesome prank video. WATCH.

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