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You Can Vacay Like A Unicorn In This Hotel

written by Protima Tiwary April 7, 2017

By now we are sure that you know that the internet is being taken over by unicorn coloured food. While we’re not complaining because all that food looks oh so gorgeous, people are letting their imaginations run absolutely wild as they’re trying to incorporate the unicorn trend into their lives. Did you know? You can now take a holiday and vacay like a unicorn!

Yes, that’s right. Destination Hotels, a chain across USA, has put together an entire menu for unicorn food items. The food and drinks are just too beautiful to consume. Check this out-

1. The Pink Unicorn

This one is a combination of coconut boba with dragon fruit puree and bubble gum infused chocolate. Topped with sprinkles because gorgeous goals max.

2. Unicorn Tiramisu

This is a rainbow-unicorn take on the classic dessert.

3. Unicorn Cocktail

This is a cocktail made with Tanqueray, lime, syrup, lemon, and strawberry sorbet. It is topped with orange turmeric foam, chantilly cream, blue curacao and garnished with sprinkles.

4. Unicorn Cupcakes

These cupcakes are strawberry and banana marbled cupcakes which have been topped with Italian butter cream and  of course some multicoloured sprinkles.

5.  Unicorn Cakes

This is all about fluffy cake layers with rainbow butter cream topped with unicorn-inspired sparkles.

6. The Blue Unicorn

This one’s a concoction made with Godiva white chocolate, blueberry vodka and blueberry puree. This glass is rimmed with Cotton Candy Pop Rocks and edible glitter, topped with cotton candy flavoured whipped cream, Lucky Charms, and rock candy.

Yummers, isn’t it? We’re drooling!
Images- Destination Hotels 

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