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Can you recognise that these notes are fake?

written by Radhika Sharma February 23, 2017

Life is so strange. And this incident takes the cake.

An SBI ATM in Delhi was apparently dispensing fake Rs 2000 notes with a label ” Children’s Bank of India” and “Churan Lable” on it instead of the RBI. The text on the notes also said: “I promise to pay the barer of the note two thousand coupens” instead of the typical text.

Representational image | Source: Amazon.in

How did these even get into the ATM slot? The Hindustan Times reported that the fake notes were first withdrawn by an individual working in a call centre in south Delhi on February 6.  These fake notes are available on e-commerce sites for purchase for children’s games and for entertainment purposes only.

Someone is out there playing the ultimate prank on us peeps!

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