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Can you go 33 days without a shower? This boy from Karnataka just did!

written by Radhika Sharma February 9, 2017

Taking a bath is one of those rituals that you absolutely cannot get rid of. Mummy will not let you enter the kitchen without snaan, bhagwan will kill you with thunder without nahana, office mein entry bhi nahi milegi without a bath. But when you are living the hostel life, certain liberties can be taken. But 33 days? Someone from Karnataka who goes on reddit by the username ThisisBhusha did a whole thread on his “no shower experience”.

And guess what? Here’s another fun fact- he wore only 2 pairs of underpants during that time. Chee.

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So why this Ganda Body Abhiyaan?  Because his hostel had a tiny bathroom with only cold water and too much jhanjat to get hot water.  But he did use a A LOT of body deos and washed his armpits every couple of days. THANK GOD FOR THAT.

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He wore only 2 sets of undies,  but that didn’t stop him from you know- doing his “mera haath jagannath ” duties!

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His response to the 2 undies situation is classic though. He originally started with 5, but one got lost and the other had holes in them and he was too embarrassed to hang it to dry in his room. And the third pair, the elastic was long gone. So lo and behold, in the end- there were just two.

He wore a pair for a week and when the baas became too much, he would just invert and wear for another week.

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Finally, his streak ended when he went home to visit his parents and obviously, mommy didn’t let him inside without a shower or a haircut.

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And that my friends, is how IT’s DONE. Hostel life like an ACE!

Excuse me, while I go barf.



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