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This Cafe In Delhi Lets you Break Stuff With a Bat!

written by Radhika Sharma February 15, 2017

Remember that scene from Office Space? Where they get so frustrated with their jobs- they just unleash on the computer with a baseball bat?

Now that scene comes to real cafe in cafe in our beloved Gurugram. “The Breakroom” will let you destroy random objects like table, chairs and TV sets and smash them to infinite glory. All that anger- you don’t need to lock it up anymore.

Pic Courtesy- Breakroom Facebook

The cafe has been started by a young 27 year old Sanwari Gupta with the intention of it being therapeutic for peeps. All you ever wanna do at the end of a hard long awful day is to bash you boss’s head in, look no further- just bash a bloody TV set in.

Prices start as low as Rs 199 and you can smash the sh*t out of phones, utensils, printers, computers etc. And guess what, you can also bring in your own crap to smash too. Maybe that ex girlfriend’s or ugly boss’s photo, eh?





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