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The Biebs’s list of crazy demands for his India tour is #legendary.

written by Radhika Sharma May 3, 2017

The Biebs is coming to India. The pop sensation is gonna play to an overpriced concert and a crowd of screaming beliebers! But not before he makes life difficult for the organisers, because he is a star you see? #NOT

Just a week before his arrival for the D-Day , a list of bizzare demands has reportedly been issued by the Canadian sensation.

First off, he wants a Rolls Royce to pick him up at the airport to bring him to the hotel. And later by chauffered by 120 people! 120!!

Image Source: AFP


His basic shiz backstage is gonna be filled in 10 containers starting with a ping pong table,

2) Playstation

3) IO HAWK (Hoverboard)

4) Sofa set

5) Washing machine

6) Refrigerator

7) Upholstery

8) Wardrobe cupboard

9) Massage table

Wait, he is not finished yet. The list continues…

He wants a jacuzzi backstage( HOW CAN ANYONE TAKE A DIP BACKSTAGE ????) alongwith:

1) Silverware cutlery

2) Fresh Flowers (No Lilies)

3) Scented Candles

4) Coconut Water

5) Almond milk

6) Strawberry And Vanilla Protein Powder

7) Raw Organic Honey

8) Decaffeinated Herbal Teas

9) Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Platter

10) Dressing Room With White Curtains

11) Large Glass-Door Refrigerator

12) Clothing Shelves

13) Eight Power Outlets

14) Twelve White Handkerchiefs

15) Twenty-Four Still Water Bottles,

16) Twenty-Four Alkaline Water Bottles

17) Four Energy Drinks

18) Six Vitamin Water Bottles

19) Six Cream Sodas

20) Fridge Packed With Assorted Juices And Fizzy Drinks

21) Four Natural Juices

22) Four Vanilla Protein Drinks

23) Half A Gallon Of Almond Milk

24) An Expert Masseuse From Kerala

25) Hundred Hangers

26) Can of wild berries

27) Hydrating lip balms

28) Vanilla room fresheners

29) A Indian yoga basket containing aromatic essential oils, jasmine, mogra, rose and camphor incense sticks, and books on yoga will be also be reportedly placed in Bieber’s suite

WTF Beibs?

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