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Is This Anti-Hangover Formula For Real?!

written by Protima Tiwary April 4, 2017

Trust Ivy League kids to save the world. Have you heard of the greatest invention 2 Yale students have developed together? The two Yale seniors have created what they’d like to call the anti-hangover formula called SunUp. So what’s the big deal about SunUp? Well, SunUp beats hangover symptoms before they even start! No wonder they’ve already raised $38,000 to bring the product to the market (and all this even before graduating!)

Liam McClintock and Margaret Morse are the two seniors who have created SunUp, who combined their need to function after a night of heavy drinking and cellular biology obsession to bring to us the beautiful concept of this anti hangover formula.


The product is a powdered supplement made of 15 ingredients that you dissolve in water and chug before you start drinking.  So how does this work? SunUp mainly counteracts 4 hangover culprits- acetaldehyde building, glutamine rebound, inflammation to immune system and loss of electrolytes.

While scientists and professors are not really sure if this will work (each body functions in a different way, every person reacts to alcohol in a different way!) we can’t help hoping that it does. Imagine those parties now, minus the hangover. What fun!  We’re totally rooting for this one.

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