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Ages You Peak At Things Throughout Life

written by Protima Tiwary March 21, 2017

While most of us are so scared of aging, we don’t realise that we peak at certain things in life only as we grow old. There is a right time and right age to enjoy and excel at something, life isn’t all downhill once after you turn 30. Don’t believe us? Check this out-

Here’s what we excel at over different stages in our lives:


– 7 year’s old: Learning a new language

– 18 year’s old: Brain processing power

– 22 year’s old: Remembering names

– 23 year’s old: Life satisfaction

– 25 year’s old: Muscle strength

– 26 year’s old: Finding a partner for marriage

– 28 year’s old: RunningĀ a marathon

– 30 year’s old: Bone mass

– 31 year’s old: Playing chess

– 32 year’s old: Remembering faces

– 39 year’s old: Salary (women)

– 40 year’s old: Making a Nobel Prize winning discovery

– 48 year’s old: Salary (men)

– 50 year’s old: Arithmetic skills

– 51 year’s old: Understanding people’s emotions

– 69 year’s old: Life satisfaction (again)

– 71 year’s old: Vocabulary

– 74 year’s old: Happiness with your body

– 82 year’s old: Psychological wellbeing

Not so bad to grow old, no?


Image Source: independent.co.uk

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