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8 Year Old Hungry Kid Drives A Mile And A Half To McDonald’s

written by Protima Tiwary April 13, 2017

We are not sure if this is the smartest thing to do, you know, teaching yourself to drive ON THE INTERNET.

This eight year old learnt how to drive through the internet, and guess what? He actually managed to drive over a mile! He drove himself and his 4 year old sister to McDonald’s because they were hungry. Fair enough.

An eight year old knows how to drive thanks to YouTube videos. We still find it so hard to believe. He learnt well though, as he drove one and a half miles from his home in Ohio County to a McDonald’s outlet while his parents were sleeping.

The two siblings ended up at the drive-thru and smoothly ordered a cheeseburger with the money from the boy’s piggy bank. Okay that’s seriously cute news!



The kid did not hit a single thing on his way to the McDonald’s outlet. That’s a little too unreal, isn’t it? Oh the things technology is capable of today, it’s almost scary!

Their grandparents were called to escort them back home. No case of neglect was filed as the kids had been well fed, and had simply fancied a cheeseburger. And some fries. And nuggets. Okay, fair enough.




Not sure if this is great news though, the kid is lucky he didn’t encounter any rash diving or hurdles. This isn’t the first time it’s happening though. In the past kids have been known to drive cars after playing GTA for hours.

Well, all we gotta say is that the kids need to be monitored.

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